List of investigations
• Special Cancer Imaging
• CT Brain (plain)
• CT Brain (P+C)
• CT Orbit (P+C)
• CT PNS (Ltd)
• CT PNS (3 Plan plain)
• CT Neck (P+C)
• HRCT Temporal Bone
• HRCT Chest
• CT Thorex (P+C)
• CT Upper Abdomen (P+C)
• CT Pelvis (P+C)
• CT Whole Abdomen (P+C)
• CT Urography
• CT Colonography
• CT Enterography
• Triphasic Liver Study
• CT Face - Maxillary Region
• CT Pelvis
• CT Joint
• CT Spine
• CT Angiography Cerebral
• Carotid
• Renal
• Pulmonary
• Mesenteric
• Peripheral
32 Slice CT Scan system - Advanced Radiology Services
• HRCT chest : high resolution imaging for lungs can diagnose rare conditions like interstitial lung diseases, diseases secondary to chronic smoking.
• CT Angiograms for the evaluation of the arteries of the body, like kidneys, lungs, brain, neck, aorta and limbs.
• Detailed planning CT scans prior to tumor surgeries to assess extent of the tumor and feasibility of safe removal can also be done. Telephonic discussions with referring surgeons,onsite discussions with our clinical radiology team as well as elaborate 3D reconstructed films can be facilitated. This helps in better outcomes for difficult surgeries.
• 3D CT scans are done for Acute and Emergency abdominal conditions like bowel obstructions, bowel bleeding, abdominal acute infections and inflammations and abdominal pain. These cases are performed on a priority basis as soon as they are wheeled into the department and detailed films and reports with telephonic report intimation to referring doctors are available within an hour.
• 32 slice CT Enterography is a unique and special tool to image the small intestine which is otherwise difficult to visualize.
• 3D joint imaging is extremely helpful for the evaluation of joints in case of trauma to plan proper treatment.
What makes the 32 Slice CT Scanner so unique to Healthcare?
The 32 Slice CT Scan system is an advanced imaging system that scans your body from head to toe, in less than one minute. It helps to accurately identify any abnormality. The system uses X Rays to obtain cross-sectional images or “slices “of the targeted area. The computer system reconstructs multiple two dimensional and three dimensional images which provide an accurate picture of the targeted area.